About Us

Since 1974 the shareholders of Convalor have been pursuing a long-term investment strategy. The main portfolio properties are nowadays united in Convalor Immobilien GmbH & Co KG or in property companies managed by Convalor Holding GmbH.

With the company Convalor Holding GmbH the shareholders manage commercial and social buildings such as the day care center of the registered association AaK e.V. in Cologne Nippes, the care facility Schieritzstraße in Berlin or the shopping center and medical center GohlisPark in Leipzig. The GohlisPark, the Hotel Alexander Plaza as well as the office building Rosenstraße in Berlin were constructed by Convalor Immobilien GmbH & Co KG and have been kept in its portfolio since then.

Furthermore the hotel operating company CLASSIK HOTEL COLLECTION GmbH (www.classik-hotel-collection.de) manages some personal boutique hotels in Germany that belong to the portfolio property of the shareholders. In addition to these long-term expertises from the owned property some cases also benefit from the expertise of reputable hoteliers such as Hilton and Ramada.

Obviously real properties are aging as well, that is why the shareholders of Convalor work continuously on the modernization of the managed portfolio and follow and implement modern technical developments.

For the portfolio management a basic reasonable contractual arrangement that the shareholders like to fulfill with liveliness is a matter of course. Motivated employees, profitable property companies and in particular satisfied tenants are signs of success.

Besides expected yield and yield assurance, another important investment objective is to acquire properties with own character and structural emotionality in preferred locations. Thus the main focus of the portfolio development is the acquisition and the economically reasonable usage of architectural monuments, which stand out with their particular charm from all the real estate products.

Since 2011 the large residential property Markona in Cologne Neuenhrenfeld with publicly subsidized apartments belongs to the portfolio as well.