In one of the nicest parts of Leipzig in the North of the city and just a few minutes from the new Leipzig Fairground the housing and business park development GohlisPark was erected in 1997.

With this project Convalor Immobilien GmbH & Co KG made accessible profitable sales areas and commercial premises as well as housing and a medical centre on a total area of about 8.000 square meters.

After an extensive rebuild in 2012 newly opened retail stores now benefit from a supermarket run by the trade chain Edeka as well as from additional ground-level parking spaces.

The borough of Gohlis, which was incorporated in 1890, is characterised by its spacious public parks and the art nouveau facades of its Wilhelminian style mansions. In 1930 the housing development Kroch was built in the Bauhaus style of the 1920s. Popular and contemporary projects thus have a long tradition in Gohlis.

With its elaborate architecture GohlisPark adapts perfectly to Leipzig's historically grown cityscape and to Gohlis’ healthy mixture of young and elderly people, of trade, services and administration.

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