recent projects

Holzpark Hanau | Hanau

CONVALOR has teamed up with the spin-off developer BRIGHT Industrial from Berlin and has acquired a former warehouse and production area in Hanau to develop a logistics park with additional approx. 21,400 sqm of rental space. The new construction exhibits upside potential and includes flexible storage and logistics areas as well as a small proportion of office space in different sizes from 400 to 600 sqm. It is expected to carry out the project in multistage construction phases until 2023, after extensive demolition of the existing buildings. The property is located within walking distance of the main train station and in a strategically profitable commercial area with a continuously sustained high demand for modern storage and production areas. The market analysis shows that the property potential in the large-volume rental segment in the logistics region Frankfurt is increasingly exhausted.

Sky Eschborn | Eschborn

PUR | Köln-Junkersdorf

CONVALOR and its longtime partner Stefan Frey AG have acquired a property in Cologne on which exclusive city villas are created with a total of about 2,500 sqm. The land is located between "Amselstraße" and "Goldammerweg" in the district of Junkersdorf in Cologne, that has been characterized by garden-like settlements since the 1920s. The proximity to the outer green belt attracts mainly families who appreciate the rural charm of the district and still want to live close to the city. In the first building section five spacious villas were completed in 2018. On the rear part of the property eight further city houses in the Bauhaus style are planned. These are accessed from "Goldammerweg". The real estates have a size of between 117 to 201 sqm and are south facing, the living space of each house is about 108 sqm.

WEST'N Business Park | Nürnberg

BEOS AG and CONVALOR are realizing the next exciting business project within the next few years on a property of around 22,400 sqm that is situated in the strategically profitable industrial and business area "Höfen" in Nürnberg. A production building with about 4,400 sqm and a storage hall with about 915 sqm have been taken over by the developers, the property is to be extended by around 10,400 sqm.
The object is the printing area of the company WPM Druck. It is planned to develop flexibly usable areas with a total of approx. 15,800 sqm for production, service, storage and office space.

NK20 Business Park | Dachau

The currently vacant business property acquired in Dachau nearby Munich is characterized by its favorable distribution of space for production companies and its high value-added potential. The site consists of a approx. 4,000 sqm large production hall adjoining an intermediate building (warehouse, parking spaces) as well as a 4-storey building with 3 office units per 580 sqm and 2 residential units each with 240 sqm. The office space are already largely designed as open-plan offices. In addition, the site provides about 78 outdoor parking spaces and 10 underground parking spaces. Within three years the property is to be fully revitalized and leased quickly to one and up to three users by a project company owned by CONVALOR and BEOS AG. The production property is conveniently located in the eastern part of Dachau and the north of Munich with a continuing high demand for specially modern production areas.

Business Park Friedrich Krause Ufer | Berlin

In cooperation with the project partner BEOS AG, CONVALOR is developing a modern office and business campus, built in 1910/1967-93, located along the River Spree and close to the main station, at the "Friedrich-Krause-Ufer" in Berlin over the next few years. For this purpose, an existing storage hall of approx. 12,000 sqm will be demolished and replaced by a multi-storey, at least twice as large new building with modern, flexibly usable business areas for service, production, manufactory, etc. The planning includes 2-3 construction sections with a large courtyard. For a long-term use of the building structures, an increased floor load capacity is also planned on the upper floors as well as freight lifts for production work.
The existing office building with approx. 2,800 sqm of office space will be modernized and re-let at the same time.
ThyssenKrupp's long-standing production site was acquired with a rentable area of approx. 16,700 sqm and is classified as an industrial area according to the Land Use Plan of Berlin.

HT-CON | Nordrhein-Westfalen

In cooperation with a new partner, HT ImmoInvest GmbH, CONVALOR is purchasing residential properties in several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Thereby it is ensured that the objects aren’t older than 20 years. The measures include the long-term management of leased asset properties.

Waldviertel | Köln-Rodenkirchen

In 2017 CONVALOR has acquired an area with a size of approx. 62,000 sqm consisting of various parcels in "Konrad-Adenauer-Straße / Bahnstraße“ in Rodenkirchen, Cologne. The property is situated in a legally final zoning plan for a total gross floor area of approx. 44,600 sqm housing development and was previously used for commercial purposes (meat product factory and temporary use as a chamber opera). In cooperation with the partner Bauwens Development GmbH & Co. KG, the developers are also realizing the construction of a day-care center and a commercial unit in addition to the planned apartments, that will be erected in the midst of the green and car-free neighborhood. The existing office buildings has been taken over and leased by the developers. The first 132 residential units in the 3rd construction field, ranging from single apartments to large-scale family apartments, are currently in sale.

Ringviertel | Köln-Rodenkirchen

On approx. 16,285 sqm area in "Ringstraße 38-44" in Cologne, the project development company PE Ringviertel GmbH & Co. KG, composed of Bauwens Development GmbH & Co. KG and CONVALOR, is developing a new residential complex with 18,500 sqm living area, of which approx. 30% will be publicly funded.
The existing building on the property is rented for a period of 4 years to the city of Cologne for the purpose of refugee shelter since December 2015. It is planned to provide a legally binding zoning plan for residential use during the rent term. In addition the project initiators have bought the neighboring property "Ringstraße 46" for the construction of further approx. 9,500 sqm living space with another project company to extend the planned development.

Weko Site | Köln-Ehrenfeld

In cooperation with Stefan Frey AG CONVALOR acquired the premises of the furniture factory “WEKO“ in the district of Ehrenfeld, Cologne, in December 2013. Though many buildings are abandoned the property is characterized by its previous usage by the manufacturer of office furniture. The project partners intent to erect mainly residential spaces, mixed with 4 commercial units (each around 43-138 sqm large), on a minor area along "Vogelsanger Straße". In the second section, an office complex with a total of approx. 10,000 sqm will be created, which will remain in the stock for rent. The planning area is within the scope of a legally binding zoning plan.
The development aims to carefully establish a new urban housing and commercial area. The old buildings will be torn down and the site will get a new infrastructure. As the project partners generally strives for socially acceptable, modern and sustainable housing the current tenant’s and neighbour’s concerns surely will be considered.