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Estimated data

Project completion 2020
Share Convalor 50 %
Residential units 8
Residential space in sqm 850



CONVALOR and its longtime partner Stefan Frey AG have acquired a property in Cologne on which exclusive city villas are created with a total of about 2,500 sqm. The land is located between "Amselstraße" and "Goldammerweg" in the district of Junkersdorf in Cologne, that has been characterized by garden-like settlements since the 1920s. The proximity to the outer green belt attracts mainly families who appreciate the rural charm of the district and still want to live close to the city.

In the first building section five spacious villas were completed in 2018. On the rear part of the property eight further city houses in the Bauhaus style are planned. These are accessed from "Goldammerweg". The real estates have a size of between 117 to 201 sqm and are south facing, the living space of each house is about 108 sqm.

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