Weko Site

Short Facts

Estimated data

Project completion 2021
Share Convalor 50 %
Residential units 43
Residential space in sqm 2.900
Business space in sqm 310
(Data apply to first section)

Weko Site


In cooperation with Stefan Frey AG CONVALOR acquired the premises of the furniture factory “WEKO“ in the district of Ehrenfeld, Cologne, in December 2013. Though many buildings are abandoned the property is characterized by its previous usage by the manufacturer of office furniture.

The project partners intent to erect mainly residential spaces, mixed with 4 commercial units (each around 43-138 sqm large), on a minor area along "Vogelsanger Straße". In the second section, an office complex with a total of approx. 10,000 sqm will be created, which will remain in the stock for rent. The planning area is within the scope of a legally binding zoning plan.

The development aims to carefully establish a new urban housing and commercial area. The old buildings will be torn down and the site will get a new infrastructure. As the project partners generally strives for socially acceptable, modern and sustainable housing the current tenant’s and neighbour’s concerns surely will be considered.

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