Mayfair | Köln-Junkersdorf

Convalor and its longtime partner Stefan Frey AG have acquired a property in Cologne on which exclusive city villas are created with a total of about 2,500 sqm. The land is located between "Amselstraße" and "Goldammerweg" in the district of Junkersdorf in Cologne, that has been characterized by garden-like settlements since the 1920s. The proximity to the outer green belt attracts mainly families who appreciate the rural charm of the district and still want to live close to the city. In the first construction phase along ‘‘Amselstraße“, the project company realized an unconventional variety of a house designed by the architect‘s office Mronz + Schaefer from Cologne. The concept has already proven itself in major cities such as London (Mayfair) or Paris. The outdoor area gives the environment a park-like character. There have been erected 5 villas each with approx. 165 to 402 sqm of living space and a common underground parking.

Benrather Schlossallee | Düsseldorf

Convalor has acquired 63 apartments with a total of 3,775 sqm of living space held in real property on a land with hereditary building right as well as 58 parking lots. The purchase objects were bought from an insolvency assets with the objective of resale to investors and owner occupiers. The leased, well-tended apartments that were built in 1997 are part of an idyllic residential complex with a view to the Rhine river or to the quiet green inner courtyard and are located in the corner of Benrather Schlossallee / Steinkribbenstraße in the district of Benrath in Düsseldorf. The owner of the ground-floor apartments have the privilege to use parts of the garden and terrace areas for private. You can reach the federal road B8 as well as the A59 highway only in few minutes by car and the Benrather railway station and Düsseldorf's main railway station quickly by train from the tram stop that is located directly in front of the entrance of the condominium.

Q-West Business Park | Munich Maisach

In cooperation with BEOS AG Convalor developed as of 2016 a business complex with approx. 15,600 sqm of usable floor area and additional expansion options in Munich-Maisach. Within three years the vacant property was restructured to a flexible usable site for various tenants by supplementing additional production and office areas as well as revitalization of the existing spaces. The object now provides a total of about 17,700 sqm rental area.
The former site of the print company "Süddeutsche Societäts-Druckerei" covers approx. 37,700 sqm of land area and it was only in 2000 that it was built for a owner-occupier. It is characterized by its high surface quality as well as its high-quality building technology and stands out particularly through its attractive architecture.

Löwen-Quartier | Köln-Ehrenfeld

Convalor has invested into the project company, named “KD Stadtsanierungsgesellschaft Ehrenfeld mbH & Co KG“, which was supported by Stefan Frey AG. The partners intended to realize approx. 12,000 sqm of gross floor space on a nearly 10,000 sqm property in “Alsdorfer Straße“ in Cologne Ehrenfeld. The zoning plan procedure was initiated at the end of 2016.
After all the hold shares in the project company were sold to the corporation Pandion Real Estate GmbH in April 2018 who will continue the action plan on the acquired site and on the owned neighbouring property based on the current zoning plan procedure.

Waldbadviertel | Köln-Ostheim

As in other cities the comparatively little completion of new housing space over the last years led to higher prices for objects especially those suitable for young families. This relates particularly to row houses, which in Cologne and its suburbs have become quite pricy. The “Waldbadviertel”, jointly realized by Convalor and Stefan Frey AG, will be an offer affordable for almost any family to acquire a row house. By way of leasehold (heritable building right) the monthly payments for the buying price are in most cases lower than the rent for a comparable apartment. Through a close and efficient collaboration of the builder and his construction companies costs will be minimized from the start. Furthermore several groups of houses are pooled to joint ownerships to reduce overheads. Above several ways of government aid are available and can be factored in the funding. This project once again proves Convalor’s philosophy that home ownership must not be limited to people of high income.

Cologneo I and Cologneo II | Köln-Mülheim

As part of a corporation with other project development companies Convalor was involved in the acquisition and development of 104,000 sqm of industrial wasteland in the district of Mülheim, Cologne. The property originally known as “Euroforum Nord“ and “Euroforum West“ is partially built up with historic industrial buildings and is situated next to the Cologne fairground and Mülheim harbour. At a place, where once engines were built, a new liveable quarter with a mixture of housing, commercial use and creative businesses is about to rise. The properties are now named under “Cologneo I and II”. “Cologneo I” is located between the railway line and "Deutz-Mülheimer-Straße". The planned development covers about 400 apartments, a daycare center, a local shopping centre and offices as well as space for cultural activities. With regard to the nearby fairground a hotel will be erected from which the exhibition halls will be accessible on foot. In the planning area of "Cologne II", which is situated between the railway line and "Auenweg“ along the emerging promenade at the harbor, it is planned to develop approx. 91,000 sqm BGF commercial and residential space. After completion of the current zoning plan procedure, that was introduced in December 2015, the development and preparation of these properties is to begin. The project developer CG-Gruppe AG from Berlin has taken over the majority of the hold shares in both project companies (

Paulsmühlenquartier | Düsseldorf Benrath

Artemis Stadtsanierungsgesellschaft Objekt Benrath mbH & Co KG is developing an attractive residential quarter on a former industrial area in the district of Benrath in Düsseldorf. A total of about 400 apartments of residence are planned to be built in four block constructions. In September 2017 the majority of the company shares was sold to Vivawest Wohnen GmbH. The project management all the way to the turnkey approval will be continued by Stefan Frey Immobilien-Projekt-Steuerung-Gesellschaft. As part of the municipal procedure of experts the state capital Düsseldorf and the citizens jointly discussed the project and its potentials to develop the neighborhood into a more lively and attractive one – particularly the public pedestrian and cycle path connecting Telleringstraße to the station of Benrath provide a better connection between the two neighborhoods “old” and “new” Benrath. Besides approx. 7,000 sqm publicly funded rental housing privately financed rental housing as well as two day care facilities for children are to be erected.

Im Königshain | Bergisch Gladbach

In February 2015 Convalor had a 50 % share in the project company KD Sanierungsgesellschaft Frankenforst mbH & Co KG. Together with Stefan Frey AG Convalor acquired sites in "Frankenstraße“ and "Im Hain“ in Bergisch Gladbach and constructed 10 semi-detached houses and 4 single-family houses on 5,586 sqm site area. The sites are situated in the district Frankenforst, close by Bensberg, and only few minutes away from the next train stop (line 1) and highway to the city of Cologne. The area offers opportunities for family activities in the nearby forest of Königsforst and the recreation park Saaler Mühle and provides important institutions and public facilities such as hospitals, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools within walking distance.

Plug & Study Home | Köln-Ehrenfeld

In the corner of Melatengürtel / Grüner Weg on the project property “WEKO“ a residential building with a total of 93 student apartments on four floors and a staggered storey is being erected on approx. 1,300 sqm. The apartments are between 20-25 sqm and fully furnished. A planned library, a recreation room, a laundry room as well as underground parking spaces and parking spaces for bicycles may not be missing in the everyday life of the students as well.
The development measures will be carried out by Stefan Frey AG, that has meanwhile taken over the shares of Convalor in the project company. After the demolition of vacant halls of the former office furniture factory “WEKO“, the construction has began in 2017 after the building permit has been granted. The apartments are expected to be completed by August 2018 with the objective of letting the students move into their apartment on time for the winter term. Especially Cologne is one of the German university cities where high school students have a particularly hard time finding an accommodation during their studies. More and more property developers are trying to close this gap with centrally located apartments.

Georg Simon Ohm Houses | Köln-Porz

During the last few years the district of Porz, Cologne’s largest borough, has become a vivid centre on the right bank of the river Rhine. The project “Georg-Simon-Ohm-Häuser” is situated in Urbach one of the most popular quarters of Porz.

The object is located between the Rhine and Wahner Heide at the edge of the so called Physikersiedlung, a housing complex that has been thoroughly refurbished over the last ten years and thus has attracted many buyers from the left bank of the Rhine. Public transport is within walking distance and although the Cologne Bonn airport is only ten minutes by bus the Physikersiedlung is not in the air corridors and not affected by aircraft noise. Many shopping facilities are accessible on foot and due to the proximity of two primary schools and two secondary schools the location is especially attractive for young families. With its forward-looking concept the “Georg-Simon-Ohm-Häuser” are setting new standards within the Physikersiedlung: 53 freehold apartments in 3 buildings were erected accessible for people with impairments, some houses furthermore receive underground garages with lifts to allow their owners barrier-free access to their cars. Ground floor apartments are leading to large gardens, the penthouses are having spacious west-facing terraces and French windows are creating a light and friendly atmosphere.The last unit were sold and handed over at the end of 2016.
Besides the buildings meet the latest energetic standards and the heating supply are also biomass derived.

Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer | Köln

At "Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer", a top quality location directly at the bank of river Rhine, Convalor has developed a newly constructed office building jointly with PARETO GmbH, the project developer of the bank Kreissparkasse Köln. At the stage of development the building was completely rented to the Bank for Social Economy that is located in Cologne as well. On the premises of 4,250 sqm at present a 1936 erected historic building is found, that during the 1980s was complemented by a office building. This building was replaced by a new erected, modern office building while the old, listed building has been carefully modernised. The new construction received the LEED Gold Certification and according to the Green Building Information Gateway, which lists green buildings all over the world, it is the first office building in Cologne that achieves this international seal in gold standard. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an international sustainability seal with which the U.S. Green Building Council classifies the energetic and ecological quality of buildings according to its high standards. The development is based on plans by the architect’s office Jürgensen & Jürgensen from Cologne. Its intention was to combine a refurbished old structure with a clearly modern 6-storey building that are connected with a transparent glassy section. The project’s volume is about 38 million euro. In January 2017 the office building was occupied by the Bank for Social Economy with around 250 employees and is now the new representative headquarter of the bank in Cologne.

Amplio Fam Yapi Housing | Istanbul

At the hands of Turkish corporation Amplio Emlak Yatırım A.S., of which Convalor holds a majority since 2007, Convalor made an investment in a municipal development project called Halicenazır at Istanbul’s Golden Horn. On a property of 25,000 sqm modern apartments and business premises will be put up. 17,000 sqm of these are designated as living area for the former inhabitants of this previously spoilt area. Through its representation in the board of directors Convalor introduces its own entrepreneurial demands to the project planning. Just like Convalor Amplio stands for a corporate policy that is looking to combine both: innovation and sustainability. For this reason the planned buildings not only are to comply with architectural requirements and those regarding the conception of town planning but also shall meet highest ecological standards. Besides energy-saving measures and solar power systems filtration plants for the production of drinking water are planned. Thus by use of the latest technology suiting the purpose of sustainable economic activity a vivid urban district will arise.

V12 Thessaloniki | Köln-Kalk

In Thessaloniki Allee in the rising district of Kalk, Cologne, Convalor has located a housing project called "V12” together with Stefan Frey AG. It consists of 52 city apartments in 3 residential buildings and is situated alongside the redesigned green area "Bürgerpark”. A environment that consits of various shopping streets, the "Köln-Arcaden”, a newly opened kindergarten and a science museum called Odysseum characterizes the infrastructure. Penthouses with view on the Cologne Cathedral, small apartment units facing a green inner courtyard, a very clear architectural style and the highly efficient and sustainable heating supply illustrate Convalor’s core themes regarding the construction of houses.

Heidekarree | Köln-Dellbrück

In association with Stefan Frey AG, Cologne, Convalor has erected 144 apartment units in the residential area “Heidekarree” in the district of Dellbrück, Cologne since 2006. The apartment size is from 47 sqm to 113 sqm. Renovated old buildings together with newly constructed buildings both based on the Bauhaus style are providing high-level equipment such as parquet floors. Many apartments are barrier free and each of the larger ones has two fully equipped bathrooms. Particular importance was attached to power efficiency: 60% of the required heat is derived from renewable energies and even the renovated old buildings are meeting the KfW-70 standard.

Max-Wallraf-Höfe | Köln-Braunsfeld

Braunsfeld is the heart of Lindenthal, a sought-after district in the west of Cologne. It is here that Convalor in association with Stefan Frey AG, Cologne, has erected the project “Max-Wallraf-Höfe”, an ensemble of four residences with 108 freehold apartments. The appealing architecture of Cologne’s architectural office a+m Architekten well matches facilities of high quality such as large balconies, terraces or small gardens and the Braunsfeld grove “Birkenwäldchen” that is owned by the community association. Very good transport connections and the excellent neighbourhood are speaking for themselves. The buildings are close to “Technologiepark Braunsfeld” and Aachener Straße. Schools, kindergartens, parks and neighbourly togetherness are characterizing this urban construction development.

Physikersiedlung | Köln-Porz

Together with the real estate company Stefan Frey AG Convalor has acquired a property of about 80,000 sqm located centrally in Porz, a borough of Cologne. It is here where 379 residential units were being built since 2006 as single and multi family houses in a residential development named "Physikersiedlung“. In renovated buildings as well as new buildings the "Physikersiedlung” has offered homes at reasonable purchase prices especially to young families. The new buildings feature high energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions and hereby entitle to public funding. Modern town houses were sold already from EUR 180,000, freehold apartments from EUR 99,000. The investment volume is around EUR 67.8 million.

Markona II | Köln-Ehrenfeld

The residential area “Markona II” was established in cooperation with Stefan Frey AG, Cologne. It is situated in the district of Neuehrenfeld, Cologne. For this residential area four townhouses with 48 apartments and four Garden Mansions with 28 apartments with a size from 56 sqm to 154 sqm were being built. Centre of the borough, which belongs to the district of Ehrenfeld, is the Lenau square with its buildings from the late 19th century. Besides there is a manifold of cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants. Blücherpark is a nice place to promenade within walking distance as well as Taku-Park and the green area of Rochusstraße. Kindergartens and schools, public or independently operated, are nearby as well as the city centre of Cologne that is at a distance of four kilometre an can easily be reached by public transport. As with other projects we set great value upon the sustainability of our buildings: With “Markona II” the housing replaces old lodgings and concentrates the existing traditional quarter. The local heating supply is biomass-derived and the underground carpark holds enough space for 80 bicycles.