Amplio Fam Yapi Housing

Short Facts

Estimated data

Project completion 2019
Residential space in sqm 17.000

Amplio Fam Yapi Housing


At the hands of Turkish corporation Amplio Emlak Yatırım A.S., of which Convalor holds a majority since 2007, Convalor made an investment in a municipal development project called Halicenazır at Istanbul’s Golden Horn.

On a property of 25,000 sqm modern apartments and business premises will be put up. 17,000 sqm of these are designated as living area for the former inhabitants of this previously spoilt area.

Through its representation in the board of directors Convalor introduces its own entrepreneurial demands to the project planning. Just like Convalor Amplio stands for a corporate policy that is looking to combine both: innovation and sustainability. For this reason the planned buildings not only are to comply with architectural requirements and those regarding the conception of town planning but also shall meet highest ecological standards.

Besides energy-saving measures and solar power systems filtration plants for the production of drinking water are planned. Thus by use of the latest technology suiting the purpose of sustainable economic activity a vivid urban district will arise.

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