K14 Business Park

Short Facts

Estimated data

Project completion 2020
Share Convalor 50 %
Business space in sqm 9.800

K14 Business Park


The project partners BEOS AG and CONVALOR jointly have acquired a built-up site of approx. 4,700 sqm in “Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee“ in Berlin. It is planned to enhance the rented commercial building by extending it and re-renting almost half of the existing spaces after the implementation of improvements. The object was built in 1968 and sporadically modernized between 1984-1992. It impresses with a good building fabric and a versatile area structure with mixed uses of office facilities, storage / production spaces and retail spaces as well as a parking deck with 78 parking lots. The area is located within close proximity of the city.

The under-rent of the office facilities at the time of the acquisition as well as the mix of short-term rentals and high-rated major tenants with long-term leases offered a high potential for increased value as part of the new lettings on the one hand, on the other hand also a long-term existing cash flow stability.

After the development of 3 years the property shall have about 9,800 sqm of rental space. The property was sold within an asset deal prematurely in the 2nd year of development.

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