Markona II

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Estimated data

Project completion 2014
Share Convalor 50 %
Residential units 76
Residential space in sqm 7.455

Markona II


The residential area “Markona II” was established in cooperation with Stefan Frey AG, Cologne. It is situated in the district of Neuehrenfeld, Cologne. For this residential area four townhouses with 48 apartments and four garden mansions with 28 apartments with a size from 56 to 154 sqm were being built.

Centre of the borough is the Lenau square with its buildings from the late 19th century. Besides "Blücherpark" is a nice place to promenade within walking distance as well as the green area of "Rochusstraße". Kindergartens and schools, public or independently operated, are nearby as well as the city centre of Cologne that is at a distance of four kilometre easily be reached by public transport.

As with other projects the developer set great value upon sustainability building: With “Markona II” the housing replaces old lodgings and concentrates the existing traditional quarter. The local heating supply is biomass-derived and the underground carpark holds enough space for 80 bicycles.

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