About Us


Convalor as financial and know-how partner

As a joint venturer CONVALOR Projektpartner GmbH supports developers of real estate products with liable equity, expertise and financial strength in the implementation of their projects. The business people and lawyers of the middle-class company with expert knowledge in real estate work in project teams and thus offer continuous personal assistance. Since over 40 years the project partners benefit from the professional experience of many years of real estate project development in Germany and abroad.

Succeeding through cooperation

Compared to other mezzanine and equity investors, CONVALOR doesn’t focus on interest rates, but on entrepreneurial participation in real estate projects. If CONVALOR is convinced of the profitable, stable plans, it is able to allocate up to 90% of the required capital to a project.

The business model of CONVALOR imports cooperative partnership, not an anonymous provision of equity, in the context of national as well as international residential and commercial real estate projects, which are realized as developer measures. Every project completes with the sale of the realized property to institutional investors or a single distribution. CONVALOR’s aim is middle-term commitments from a volume of EUR 10 million. As an entrepreneurial investment company, CONVALOR strives for the joint success of the projects: Mezzanine financing and loans with typical bank conditions are not pursued.