Cologneo I and Cologneo II

Short Facts

Estimated data

Project completion 2022
Share Convalor 1,3 %
Residential space in sqm 60.400 BGF
Business space in sqm 30.300 BGF
(Data apply to Cologneo II)

Cologneo I and Cologneo II


As part of a corporation with other project development companies Convalor was involved in the acquisition and development of 104,000 sqm of industrial wasteland in the district of Mülheim, Cologne.

The property yet known as “Euroforum Nord“ and “Euroforum West“ is partially built up with historic industrial buildings and is situated next to the Cologne fairground and Mülheim harbour. At a place, where once engines were built, a new liveable quarter with a mixture of housing, commercial use and creative businesses is about to rise.

The area around Mülheim harbour has been a focus of Cologne’s urban development and planning for a long time and is offering a variety of prospects and opportunities. The properties, now named unter “Cologneo I and II”, clearly are the key factors in the development of this attractive area.

“Cologneo I” is located between the railway line and "Deutz-Mülheimer-Straße". The planned development covers about 400 apartments, a daycare center, a local shopping centre and offices as well as space for cultural activities. With regard to the nearby fairground a hotel will be erected from which the exhibition halls will be accessible on foot.

In the planning area of "Cologne II", which is situated between the railway line and "Auenweg“ along the emerging promenade at the harbor, it is planned to develop approx. 91,000 sqm BGF commercial and residential space. After completion of the current zoning plan procedure, that was introduced in December 2015, the development and preparation of these properties is to begin. The project developer CG-Gruppe AG from Berlin has taken over the majority of the hold shares in both project companies (

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