NK20 Business Park

Short Facts

Estimated data

Project completion 2021
Share Convalor 50 %
Business space in sqm 7.000

NK20 Business Park


The currently vacant business property acquired in Dachau nearby Munich is characterized by its favorable distribution of space for production companies and its high value-added potential. The site consists of a approx. 4,000 sqm large production hall adjoining an intermediate building (warehouse, parking spaces) as well as a 4-storey building with 3 office units per 580 sqm and 2 residential units each with 240 sqm. The office space are already largely designed as open-plan offices. In addition, the site provides about 78 outdoor parking spaces and 10 underground parking spaces.

Within three years the property is to be fully revitalized and leased quickly to one and up to three users by a project company owned by CONVALOR and BEOS AG.

The production property is conveniently located in the eastern part of Dachau and the north of Munich with a continuing high demand for specially modern production areas.

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