Short Facts

Estimated data

Project completion 2020
Share Convalor 2,55 %
Residential units 400
Residential space in sqm 29.600 BGF


Düsseldorf Benrath

Artemis Stadtsanierungsgesellschaft Objekt Benrath mbH & Co. KG is developing an attractive residential quarter on a former industrial area in the district of Benrath in Düsseldorf. A total of about 400 apartments of residence are planned to be built in four block constructions. In September 2017 the majority of the company shares was sold to Vivawest Wohnen GmbH. The project management all the way to the turnkey approval will be continued by Stefan Frey Immobilien-Projekt-Steuerung-Gesellschaft.

As part of the municipal procedure of experts the state capital Düsseldorf and the citizens jointly discussed the project and its potentials to develop the neighborhood into a more lively and attractive one – particularly the public pedestrian and cycle path connecting Telleringstraße to the station of Benrath provide a better connection between the two neighborhoods “old” and “new” Benrath.

Besides approx. 7,000 sqm publicly funded rental housing privately financed rental housing as well as two day care facilities for children are to be erected.

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