Creating values together

How Convalor works: Striving for long-term partnerships

For CONVALOR Projektpartner GmbH it is important to work on the same level as the project participants. Thus there is no intention for majority stakeholders: the business partner keeps the task of acting. The realization of the project development is done by mutual agreement, goal-oriented and efficient. CONVALOR believes that credibility and transparency are essential prerequisites of any entrepreneurial cooperation.

To achieve sustainable success CONVALOR is there to support the partners with personal commitment, advice and assistance in matters of sourcing, project handling, distribution and tax or legal issues. Furthermore reliable bank connections and a good network in the real estate industry are completing the cooperation in the respective project development.

From these aspects your project development can only benefit and many developers thus have become project partners for many years and appreciate the uncomplicated cooperation. And of course the address of CONVALOR doesn’t have to lead to one way – from the nation-wide operations there may always result project opportunities, that CONVALOR likes to develop with its partners.

What happens when things change?

In project developments circumstances can always get different from what was planned but that doesn’t unsettle CONVALOR. Keeping a calm head is required to make reasonable decisions. Compared to interest-oriented capital providers CONVALOR can react flexibly to changing conditions in the project, for example, if delays in the zoning planning procedure postpone the start of construction or revised equity requirements demand new strategies. The company did not only implement real estate projects in times of boom, but also successfully managed projects through economically uncertain and troubled times.